Want the best for your family? Choose Marble by Triangle Farms. Our bell peppers, cucumbers and variety of tomatoes are packed with nutrition; and they make every meal a feast. It is not just food; it is the gift of nature.

colored bell pepper by marble by triangle farms
tomatoes on vine by marble by triangle farms
long english cucumbers by marble by triangle farms
beefsteak tomatoes by marble by triangle farms
Mini sweet peppers by marble by triangle farms
Cherry tomatoes by marble by triangle farms
mini cucumbers by marble by triangle farms

Best quality exotic vegetables

Get the best for your family with a range of peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers. Add variety, taste and health with each serving. Packed full of essential minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidants and other essential nutrients, our products not only keep you healthy but also add a smile to your face. Find out more about these gifts of nature.


From fresh salads to a number of dips and cooked preparations- invoke the chef inside you to whip up delicious offerings for every meal. Create an impression with us.


Welcome to the world of soil-less farming. Know more about this new farming technology that is taking the world by storm and relish the nutrition with your family.


What is going on in the world of farming? From new farming techniques to new yields and the latest news in the world around us- stay on top of the game with our insights.


How well do you know your vegetables? Where did your favourite veggies come from? What are they good for? Which celebrities swear by them? We have all the secrets.

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