We The Growers

Using the latest in agricultural technology, we are growing the best quality exotics vegetables like bell peppers, cucumbers and cherry tomatoes. We aim to revolutionize farming in India, teach sustainable processes that help us grow with our partners, and provide fresh produce all year round.

The Place

Located in Zaheerabad in Telangana, Triangle Farms currently spreads over 32 acres. Out of which, 15 acres are dedicated to growing vegetables for export under strictly maintained conditions. Four acres are used for cultivating vegetables for the Indian market in unique tropical hybrid greenhouses. We maintain our own packaging facilities, solar power plant and cold storage. We aim to build a sustainable, self-sufficient facility which can cater to the growing demand for our products.


It is our privilege to have a dedicated and hard-working team who is helping us turn our vision into reality. Our staff takes care that the highest standards of hygiene are maintained while growing, handling and packaging our products so that you get the best quality vegetables. We are proud to announce that a majority of our workforce comprises of women- who are using the latest technology expertly to maximize efficiency on the field.


Triangle Farms specializes in exotic vegetables, like bell peppers, sweet peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes. With Marble, we aim to introduce newer varieties- like mini sweet peppers and sweet cucumbers that are great for snacking; and orange bell peppers.


We are using advanced technology to produce the best quality vegetables. We aim to build a sustainable business that allows us to grow with our partners and community. Triangle Farms has taken a holistic approach to achieve its vision- we are modernizing every aspect of production, storage and distribution.

We are using hydroponic technology, which implies soilless farming and reduces the usage of water. Marble’s vegetables are grown in special cooling houses which make maximum use of sunlight and ensure protection against storms. We use robots to prune plants and harvest the produce.


We are deploying AI(artificial intelligence) extensively at all stages of our production cycles. We are using AI-sensors to check whether the temperature inside the cooling houses is optimum or if the plants have enough water. We aim to collate all the data that our AI sensors accumulate at various checkpoints and raise alarms or make changes in the process accordingly.

At Triangle Farms, we are utilizing solar power to reduce our dependence on grid electricity. We also maintain quality checks and audit records at every step of the cycle.

Our employees maintain the highest standards of hygiene while taking care of, handling and packaging of our products.


Our international compliances will be driven by country-specific needs and export requirements as per international quality & process initiatives like FAO GAP, ISO, HACCP and Codex Alimentarius.

Our export operations are compliant as per Indian laws that cover IEC, APEDA and Indian Customs obligations.