Crunchy and tasty, bell peppers pack the perfect punch to your dinner plate. Bell peppers are rich in vitamin C and packed with antioxidants. Be it Indian, Asian or Continental- peppers are versatile and can be prepared in a variety of ways. Not to mention, they add colour to your plate and make your food all the more appealing!

Want to keep yourself hydrated? Look no further than our long English cucumbers. With over 90% water content, they are the perfect healthy snack to have on the go and are a staple in salads. What's more, they are packed with fibre, antioxidants and vitamin K. PS- you can also use them for facials to get instant glowing skin.

Add the rainbow to your plate with our sweet peppers. Have them raw, marinate them and use them in salads, or stuff them- they will give you that instant burst of energy.

If you want a quick snack –our mini cucumbers are here for you. You can carry them with you and pop them every now and then whenever you are a little bit hungry- or want a quick shot at hydration.

And then there is everyone’s favourite garden vegetable. Our tomatoes are rich in vitamins C and A, fibre and lycopene. The tomatoes are versatile- have them raw, grill them, sun-dry them, cook them or caramelize them- they always add the perfect tanginess to your plate.

Cherry Tomato

Being small in size, they have the ideal balance between sweetness and tanginess. Toss them in with your favourite salad, or just pop them as quick bites- our cherry on the vine tomatoes prove that good things can come in small packages.

Ah yes, when it comes to preparing the perfect burger, you can never go wrong with our beefsteak tomatoes. Of course, they are also perfect for your favourite red pasta sauce. Crush these meaty morsels and make your favourite sauces and dips.

Our farm

Using the latest in agricultural technology, we are growing the best quality exotics vegetables like bell peppers, cucumbers and cherry tomatoes. We aim to revolutionize farming in India, teach sustainable processes that help us grow with our partners, and provide fresh produce all year round.

Food Safety

We observe the highest standards at all stages of our production and distribution cycle. Our employees strictly follow hygiene standards while handling the produce, and make sure that the vegetables are never by hands at any stage. Our infrastructure is at par with European standards, and our seeds also come from the Netherlands- which is the top producer of these products.

Sustainable Growing

At Triangle Farms, sustainability is our top priority. We want to do good for the people and the planet. Which is why we are combining the best traditional practices with the latest technology and going hydroponic.