Cucumbers are basically water bottles in solid form. They are a staple during summer months, and are a great snack that you can have any time. But how is the English cucumber different that the regular ones? 

What are English cucumbers?

English cucumbers are also called seedless cucumbers or hothouse cucumbers. They were created specially to get rid of the characteristics of ordinary cucumbers like the tough outer skins, seeds and the slightly bitter under taste. English cucumbers easily stand out than their cousins- they are straight, have a dark green colour on the outside and are thin and longer. The external skin of the English cucumber is extremely delicate so they need to be packaged carefully. The inside is light green in colour, and it contains small, white seeds. English cucumbers are sweeter than regular cucumbers. They don’t need peeling, and can be sliced straight and served directly. 

Nutritional value of English cucumbers

As we said before, English cucumbers contain a high amount of water. They have a good amount of soluble fiber. They also contain some vitamin C, potassium, vitamin K, magnesium and manganese.

Why are English Cucumbers good for you?

English cucumbers contain a lot of water- so they are great for hydrating. You can have them anytime you are feeling parched, and are particularly great for summers. They are easy on your stomach and help you stay cool. Because they also have a good amount of soluble fiber along with water, English cucumbers are great for those who want to lose weight. They help you feel full for a long time. They have a negligible number of calories or fats, and thus, can be used for guilt-free snacking. They are also rich in vitamin C, which help with tissue repair and helps your body absorb iron better. Magnesium is essential for synthesizing enzymes in the human body, and its interaction with phosphates is crucial to formation of nucleic acids. Vitamin K is essential for coagulation of blood- which means it is good for healing wounds and stopping bleeding. Likewise, potassium is an essential nutrient which helps regulate hypertension or high blood pressure. Manganese is present as a coenzyme in various biological processes. It plays a big role in metabolism, bone formation and fighting against free radical damage.

How to eat English Cucumbers?

English cucumbers are a favoured item for chefs who prefer its sweeter taste and seedless nature. Plus, you don’t even have to peel them. Like regular cucumber, you can have them raw and add them to a number of salads. Slice them up and combine them with chopped onions, cherry tomatoes and some balsamic vinegar to make a fresh garden salad. You can also add Greek yogurt to your salad. If you chop English cucumbers finely and add them to yogurt, you can have a very desi raita that you can have with a lot of dishes. English cucumbers also complement dips like hummus very well. Just serve some hummus with slicked English cucumber sticks, and you will have a great party snack.



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