Mini cucumbers are basically nature’s shot glasses for hydrating ourselves. Whenever you are in need of a quick shot of hydration, go for mini cucumbers. The best thing about them? You can carry them easily with you because they are pint-sized.

What are mini cucumbers?


These are burpless cucumbers that come in smaller size. Basically, they are like the miniature versions of the English seedless cucumbers. They are mostly devoid of seeds, and the external skin is thin enough so that they don’t even need peeling.


You can instantly identify them by their size. The external skin is dark green, while the inside is light green and has almost no seeds. They are available round-the-year. However, mini cucumbers are almost unseen in India.


Nutritional value of mini cucumbers


Like their bigger counterparts, mini cucumbers have a high water content. Apart from that, they also contain soluble dietary fiber, and are totally fat free. Mini cucumbers also pack vitamin C, manganese, magnesium, vitamin K and potassium.


Why are mini cucumbers good for you?


Mini cucumbers have high water content- so whenever you feel that you need to stock up on fluids, you can pop one. While really useful in summers, you can have them any time.


We all know that cucumbers are great for those want to lose weight. This is because they have a good amount of soluble fiber. So if you get a case of the munchies, you can snack on them without worries!


They are also rich in vitamin C- so that is pretty much your ticket to fighting free radical damage and healthy tissues. Vitamin C also helps your body absorb iron better.


Potassium is great for those who have hypertension because it helps regulate blood pressure. The vitamin K present in cucumbers help in blood coagulation- so that is essential for stopping bleeding and healing wounds.


Additionally, the manganese in them are used for a lot processes by the body- for metabolism and neutralizing free radicals. It also plays a big role in bone formation.


Magnesium is used by the body to synthesize many essential enzymes, and it plays a big role in formation of nucleic acids following its interaction with phosphates.


How to eat mini cucumbers?


Mini cucumbers can be had raw. Being small in size, you can easily carry them around and snack on them whenever you feel like. The best thing about them- you don’t even have to peel or slice them.


Add them to salads, or just add a dash of salt, pepper and lime juice to have a tangy and tasty snack. You can make delicious raita with them by slicing them and adding them to a bowl of yogurt.


Mini cucumbers make for excellent appetisers when paired with dips like hummus. You can also marinate them in vinegar to give them a pickled flavour.



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