These are bite-sized bursts of energy. They are versatile- you can have them raw, and they are excellent addition to Mexican dishes if you feel more adventurous.

What are mini sweet peppers?


These are sweeter than your regular bell peppers. Mini sweet peppers combine crunchiness, sweetness and flavour in perfect proportions. They look like hot peppers in size- but come in many colours and definitely do not pack the heat.


Nutritional value of mini sweet peppers


Like their heftier cousins, they also pack a lot of vitamin C. What’s more, they come loaded with carotenoids. They also contain folate.


Why are mini sweet peppers good for you?


Firstly, they help you rejuvenate your tastebuds. But apart from that, the vitamin C in them helps your body absorb iron more efficiently and aid in collagen production. It is also vital for tissue repair.


Carotenoids are good for your eyes. So if you want healthy eyes and clear vision, make sure you include mini sweet peppers in your snack rotation.


How to eat mini sweet peppers?


Mini sweet peppers have a unique flavour which makes them an excellent raw snack. You can add them to salads, or can even marinate them in vinegar and spices, and make some great pickle out of them.


They are great for Mexican dishes. You can stud them with cheese, or slice them and use them in tamales or burritos. They are also great for taco stuffing.



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