Our team of profesionals

It is our privilege to have a dedicated and hard-working team who is helping us turn our vision into reality. Our staff takes care that the highest standards of hygiene are maintained while growing, handling and packaging our products so that you get the best quality vegetables. We are proud to announce that a majority of our workforce comprises of women- who are using the latest technology expertly to maximize efficiency on the field.

Janardhana Y

He is the co-founder of Triangle Farms. Janardhana has a Master’s degree in Technopreneurship and Innovation.

Srihari K

Co-founder of Triangle Farms, and the chief technical advisor. MS in Computer Science.

Kamalakaar K

Co-founder of Triangle Farms, and the sales head. MS in Computer Science.

Mohan Urs

Chief Operating Officer. Mohan has been part of the precision farming and hydroponics industry for over 10 years. He has built and managed tropical cooling houses.