At Triangle Farms, “sustainability” isn’t just a principle. It is the way of life.


Why is sustainability a priority for us?

Traditional farming methods rely primarily on the climate. In many places, the growing season is limited, the available land is not used efficiently, and water shortage is prevalent. Moreover, outdoor farming may be affected severely if natural disasters hit, or if unpredictable weather conditions like frost, storms or hail are prevailing.


Greenhouse farming seems like an excellent way to farm certain crops. However, traditional greenhouse farming also requires a great deal of energy. Not only that, it requires additional resources for irrigation, heating and lighting.


The problem is, we cannot run an infinitely taxing system on a finite planet with limited resources. If we want to ensure a better tomorrow, we have to find ways to reduce our carbon footprint, develop methods that make efficient use of available resources, and ensure that the people around us have a good quality of life.


At Triangle Farms, we have prioritized sustainability. From our farming methods to our day-to-day lives, we have adopted sustainable practices and techniques which ensure that our operations make efficient use of available resources. We also make a conscious effort to reduce our carbon footprint and make sure that our use of fossil energy, water, fertilizers and pesticides remain minimum.


Sustainability at Triangle Farms:

We have tried to implement sustainable methods in all aspects of life here at Triangle Farms.


Environmental Sustainability:

Using natural resources efficiently

Minimizing waste

Reusing and recovering whatever is possible

Disposing waste sustainably and in an eco-friendly manner

Limiting pollution

Taking every step to ensure that we are preserving biodiversity

then reuse or improve it through recycling, composting or energy recovery, and finally, sustainably dispose of what is left.


Fossil energy

We are lessening our dependence on grid electricity by going solar. We generate around 300 KW of solar energy and have battery storage, which helps us keep the pollution level low. We aim to go carbon neutral soon.

Moreover, we are using greenhouses with retractable roofs that are making maximum use of available sunlight- which is further bringing down our energy consumption. Thus, we have kept fossil energy usage to a minimum.


Recirculate Water

We have constructed rainwater ponds to store rainwater. We use the water we store during the three rainy months during peak summer months. This means that during summers, we don’t have to use the groundwater.  Rainwater harvesting helps us recharge the groundwater table.

Moreover, we recycle the nutrient water that we use for growing our vegetables, which prevents water wastage.

Pest control

We pay attention to pest control but are careful about using pesticides. We make sure that we do not use harsh chemicals or potent pesticides. This ensures that our produce is healthy- and that there is no chance of the pests developing pesticide resistance.


Social Sustainability

We make sure that we are creating or building places that are functional, durable and fit for human use in scale and form.
We value diversity and are committed to protecting the distinctiveness of the local cultural identity and strengthening the community.

We are committed to protecting human health and amenities and keep our surroundings clean and safe.

We understand that social sustainability is a dream if it does not take gender empowerment into account. More than 50% of our staff are women who come from nearby villages. We provide them with the necessary skills and training; and make sure that their working environment is clean, safe and friendly.

Health and nutrition is an essential pillar for ensuring social sustainability. At Triangle Farms, our staff is provided with free breakfast and lunch when they are on campus.

Similarly, we provide our staff with medical benefits at all grades.
Make settlements ‘human’ in scale and form.
Value and protect diversity and local distinctiveness and strengthen the local community and cultural identity.
If there is any need in our locality, we are always there to help.


Economic Sustainability

We aim to create a vibrant local economy. We employ people from neighbouring villages and make sure that the work they get to do is satisfying and rewarding.

We encourage our community members to use local services, goods and facilities.

We also make efforts to make cultural and recreation facilities available to the local community.

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