Triangle Farms

Triangle Farms is a newly incorporated company focused on farming fresh vegetable farming and value-added products. Our target is to provide Indian customers with premium quality exotic vegetables using sustainable methods. The brand Marble is the manifestation of that vision- we bring the gift of nature to your home.

Our Story:

Triangle Farms brings together a team of enthusiastic individuals who want to combine the best traditional agricultural practice with cutting edge technology to produce superior quality agricultural products. Triangle Farms is set up by people with a background in information technology, who have identified tremendous opportunities in the field of agriculture.

With the population increasing and arable land shrinking, there is a need for adopting new, sustainable techniques to meet the rising demands for food. We aim to move beyond organic farming and usher in the future in farming technology.

Our Values:

  • Providing quality and affordability: We bring value to you by incorporating the best practices followed as per HACCP/GAP standards of hygiene and production management
  • Delivering excellence: We follow the targeted yield management methods to grow our vegetables using precision fertigation methods
  • Nurturing sustainability: To be grow as a sustainable organization with our team and partners.
  • Delighting customers: Our end goal will always be to gift our customers with the best quality produce and honour their trust.

Our Culture:


At Triangle Farms, we aspire to create good for our community. We take pride in fostering a positive and encouraging working environment where our employees can reach their full potential. We understand that we cannot grow unless we grow together with our partners, employees and community- so our goal will always be to foster those conditions that enable our people to reach their aspirations.


As growers of vegetables, we understand the value of health. Hence, we are trying to inculcate an environment that is clean, hygienic and nurturing. We want to see our employees and community stay healthy too- not just in the physical respect but also mentally. At Triangle Farms, we aim to provide our employees with everything they need so that they can live a happy, fruitful life with pride.


As an extension of the same objective, we aim to grow as a sustainable company. Our aim is to not just implement environmentally conscious mechanisms and methods in the way we operate, but also to embrace sustainability as a management policy. One of the most important part of that is to promote women’s welfare. This is the reason our workforce majority is made up of women.


From handling the production process to operating sophisticated machinery, our women employees are proving that they are a force to be reckoned with. Thanks to their efficiency, we are seeing ourselves firmly proceeding along the path we envisioned as our company’s future.


This realization has helped us realize that as a company, our most valuable asset is our team. We are proud to have professional, efficient and talented people with us who are helping us reach our milestones. We foster an inclusive and progressive atmosphere, and value our employee’s ambitions which help them reach personal goals and enrich us in the process. We are happy and grateful to have a team that builds us up, and aim to foster an environment that makes it possible for all of us to do good, together.

How we Grow:

Triangle Farms is located at Zaheerabad in Telangana. Spread over 32 acres, we are cultivating bell peppers, English cucumbers and cherry tomatoes under our flagship brand, “Marble”. Our aim is to grow as a sustainable organization by revolutionizing farming in India.


At Triangle Farms, we combine the best indigenous and cutting-edge farming techniques. We utilize hydroponics, which is the methods of growing vegetables without soil. We use nutrient-rich water to cultivate our produce. This reduces water usage, and also lets us recycle water and nutrients.


We use greenhouses to grow our vegetables, which helps us maintain optimum conditions that result in higher yields and bring down production costs. In our greenhouses, we can provide the plants with the perfect temperature and humidity needed for their growth.


We deploy advanced AI technology to keep track of the entire growing cycle. With the help of intelligent sensors, we can maintain the necessary conditions required for the best yields, and detect the time for providing nutrients and the best time for harvest. This minimizes wastage and leads to greater efficiency.


Using advanced technologies make our production process less labour intensive. Our staff use advanced machinery to handle, plant and harvest the produce, which reduces physical strain. On the other hand, it eliminates the need for human contact with the vegetables- which helps us maintain the best food safety standards throughout the production cycle.


As our greenhouses are equipped with solar panels, we are steadily reducing our dependence on grid electricity. We plan to go 100% solar soon, which will significantly reduce the environmental impact of the operations and make us self-sufficient.


Our farming methods help us provide produce all year round. By using advanced technology, we ensure that our customers get the best quality exotic vegetables.


Food Safety: We observe the highest standards at all stages of our production and distribution cycle. Our employees strictly follow hygiene standards while handling the produce, and make sure that the vegetables are never by hands at any stage. Our infrastructure is at par with European standards, and our seeds also come from the Netherlands- which is the top producer of these products.


Sustainable Growing


At Triangle Farms, sustainability is our top priority. We want to do good for the people and the planet. Which is why we are combining the best traditional practices with the latest technology and going hydroponic. By using and recycling our resources in innovative ways, we are trying to go carbon neutral in our production process, and build a business that helps its partners and community grow in a sustainable way that ensures long term profitability.


Growing with hydroponics:  We practice hydroponics- which is soilless farming. We use nutrient water to grow our plants, which enables us to grow our produce even in arid areas.


Recycling water – We recycle the nutrient water, which is delivered directly to the plants’ roots. The excess water is pumped back into the system. This helps us reduce wastage and make maximum use of available water.


Non-GMO Seeds – At Triangle Farms, we use only verified non-GMO seeds.


Climate Control – Our produce is grown in climate-controlled greenhouses with retractable roofs. This ensures supply throughout the year, and also makes sure that optimum growing conditions are maintained for the plants. Our greenhouses also prevent damage from harsh weather and from storms, heavy rainfall, frost and hail.


Traceability – Every vegetable or fruit we grow, we track via advanced AI technology. With this, we ensure that our customers are getting the best quality products- because we make sure they are handled, harvested, packaged and transported efficiently. Our tracking system lets our team track all their production data efficiently via smart devices.


Food Safety – Our commitment is to provide you with premium quality exotic vegetables. For this, we maintain the highest food safety standards in our operations and facilities. We maintain strict hygiene standards- the produce never comes into contact with human skin. Our production and handling processes are fully mechanized, and we make sure that all our products reach you in the best possible condition.


Recyclable Packing – We not only grow green – we also pack green! We use 100% recyclable clamshells, corrugated boxes, and RPCs to pack our produce, and we are constantly looking for ways to cut down on plastic waste through innovative packaging design.


Reduce Waste – With our climate-controlled production and storage facilities, we make sure that our products have maximum shelf life. Our packaging also makes sure that the products are kept in optimum conditions, which prevents wastage and keeps our produce fresh for a long time. This also helps us keep our production costs down, so that we can provide our customers with premium quality products at the best possible prices.


Renewable Energy – We are using solar power to operate our facilities, and reducing our dependence on grid electricity. Soon, we will go full solar, and our operations will be carbon neutral.

Our Team:

It is our privilege to have a dedicated and hard-working team who is helping us turn our vision into reality. Our staff takes care that the highest standards of hygiene are maintained while growing, handling and packaging our products so that you get the best quality vegetables. We are proud to announce that a majority of our workforce comprises of women- who are using the latest technology expertly to maximize efficiency on the field.

Janardhana Y

He is the co-founder of Triangle Farms. Janardhana has a Master’s degree in Technopreneurship and Innovation.

Srihari K

Co-founder of Triangle Farms, and the chief technical advisor. MS in Computer Science.

Kamalakaar K

Co-founder of Triangle Farms, and the sales head. MS in Computer Science.

Mohan Urs

Chief Operating Officer. Mohan has been part of the precision farming and hydroponics industry for over 10 years. He has built and managed tropical cooling houses.

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